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Casey and Cheyne Williams
"I just wanted to say thank you for everything, the whole wedding was great.
You and Leigh did a fantastic job" - Casey and Cheyne Williams

Kaz and Lisa Van Den Hoek
"Thank you so much for all you did for us. We could not
have been more pleased with how the ceremony went.

- Chris and Bindi Horvath
Jessica And Dale Whyte
"You were terrific. Thank you so much for all that you did for us"
- Jessica and Dale Whyte

Gudrun and Kevin White
"Barbara, I only received positive comments about you. I felt pretty relaxed during the ceremony and I feel this was mainly because of you"
Gudrun and Kevin White

Kristine and Daniel Hilcott
"The ceremony was perfect - it was exactly what we wanted"
- Kristine and Daniel Hillcoat
(photographer: Bernie Crawford)
Bree and Dean Walsh
"You really cared about us and showed a love for our family."
Bree and Dean Walsh (photographer: Emershay Photography)

Kate and Graham Bonney
"Our ceremony was beautiful - we want to thank you for being so approachable and easy-going."
Kate and Graham Bonney
"Thanks for an unforgettable day." - Rick and Kelly Kruik

"We would like to thank you for marrying us. It was a very happy day for both of us and the ceremony was exactly what we wanted. It was a pleasure to meet your husband. "
Diane and Bruce Ellison
"Thank you so much - that was a lovely ceremony!" - Scott and Annabelle Langley

"Thank you Barbara for helping to make our wedding day a day to remember.
Your very professional (yet casual and calming) manner made this special day one which is never forgotten."
- Barry and Judy Cook
"The wedding day was all we had dreamed of.....perfect.
Thank you for being part of it.'
Tim and Kristy Kite


"Thank you for making our wedding ceremony the most well planned and heartwarming event a new husband and bride could ask for." - Camille and Peter Radcliffe


 "Thank you Barbara for your undivided attention and support through
the whole marriage process and for such enthusiasm with making our handfasting ceremony come alive. Your contribution to our day made it perfect".
Natalie and Ian Manwaring


"I have been to a lot of weddings and mine was the best thanks to you Barbara!"
- Jason and Nancy Nayler


That was lovely Barbara, just what we wanted." - Sara and Peter Williamson 


"You were wonderful, thank you so much".  - Clinton and Amanda Ison

"Thank you for the lovely ceremony, your help and reassurance. Our
wedding was special thanks to you." - Richard and Karen Whitmore



"Married at last. Thank you so much Barbara for making our lives complete."
- Michael and Annalee Graham
"Brent and I would like to thank you so much for playing such an
important part on our wedding day. The ceremony was lovely and you did

a fantastic job." - Brent and Holly Hanson


"It was perfect (even with the rain!) and you were the perfect choice for us.
Thank you!."
- Kelly and Adam Playne


"Barbara thankyou for helping us have the most amazing wedding ceremony."
- Kirsty and Dane Larkin


"The day was everything we wanted and more.
We are blessed to have met you.
- Jon and Emma Lane

"Happily married, because of you."
- Dan and Kim Hocking


"Our wedding ceremony was everything we ever wanted and much more."
- Kristine and Peter Smith

"It was just perfect – we had so many compliments on the day
about how good you were." - Ian and Jane Coombs


"Because of you our day was perfect Barbara"
- David and Karen McGrath


"Thank you so much Barbara. The ceremony was just what we wanted".
 - Tamara and Adam Moore


"We were so glad you married us. The time and effort you put into the
ceremony meant our wedding day went so smoothly and you made us feel
at ease with the whole process."

- Glynn and Jennifer Nielson

"We knew from the moment we first spoke to you over the phone,
were our lady for our day".
 - Jen Prince and Karon Sams


""We really enjoyed all of our ceremony and were very glad to have you
as our celebrant. You made the whole process really easy and

- John and Karina Jamieson

""We would like to thank you for being our Celebrant. You made our day
so special and easy. Thanks heaps again".

Daniel and Amy Hopf


"Slightly delayed because of the floods, and with less people than
planned but the ceremony was just beautiful thanks Barbara".

- Apy Richelet Zapata and Adrian Thirtle

"Our ceremony was beautiful. What a wonderful person you are. Thank
you so much for a fabulous day. We are so happy we were able to have
you as our celebrant, we will highly recommend you".

- Clint and Melissa Pearce


"You were absolutely fantastic and we both had a fabulous day.
You were very calming (which I definitely needed) and such a lovely
person. We had a lot of comments from guests to say how much they
liked the ceremony, so thank you so much for everything".

- Edward and Angela Cook

"You made our dreams come true and gave us such an amazing start to
our lives together. Thank you so much".

- Sam and Marnie Friske


"Words can't describe how happy Brad and I are we chose you as our Celebrant.
Everything ran so smoothly and trouble free thanks to all the effort you put in.
You made the whole experience enjoyable and stress free, thank you so much".

- Brad and Fern Schulz

You really made our day and every one commented
how nicely you conducted the ceremony

- Tommy and Tisha Watkins


  "A big thank you for Saturday. It was a very beautiful ceremony".
- Ben and Sophie Saul

"Thank you again for a beautiful day. When the celebrant that we had booked had to cancel two months before the wedding, you were only too happy to step in and reorganize the wedding ceremony with minimal disruptions to our couple.
Your professionalism and caring attitude was apparent throughout the planning stages and also on the day. We have no hesitation in recommending you to any Bride for their upcoming wedding and look forward to working with you again."

- Karen and Rachael Krystal Rose Event Planning

Eagle: Paul Manda -

Photo: Honey Bee Creative Photography


"The ceremony was amazing Barbara. It was everything we 'd wished for".

- DJ and Kim McAuley


"Thank you so much for making our day so special.
Your professionalism before and during the ceremony was impeccable".

- Rob and Tina Dean


"You did an awesome job Barb.
Could not have asked for a better day or a better Celebrant."

- Russell and Karren De Sirio


"You made the ceremony into such an emotional one.
We truly recommend to anyone to have you for their wedding Celebrant.

- Grant and Paula Russell

"Thank you so much Barbara for designing our vows to match the two of us
and our family so perfectly and for making our wedding ceremony
so intimate, relaxed and fun.
We felt you truly understood us and made our day even more special
and memorable. I will definitely be recommending you to anyone I know
who may require your services".

- Danny and Cathy Forsdike


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